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A World Worth Saving - Ryan Duggan

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Ask me about Love, I’ll tell you about my beehive Ask me about Responsibility, I’ll tell you about my blueberry bushes; the ones I got as a graduation present Ask me about Relaxing, and I’ll tell you about work in the garden There are some things in this life that make you realize, green is worth more than green and that many materials lead to marginal meanings Ask about Bliss I’ll tell you of midsummer’s blooming butterfly bush Comfort, of crisp leaves and a cinnamon breeze Do not get too distracted Do not tarnish your beautifully braided bondage bestowed at birth the only good tarnish is a grass stain or a scrape from climbing “too high” Ask me about Resilience, and I’ll tell you about the trees that welcome me home with open arms The world may not give degrees,

but surely has much to learn

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