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Northampton MA & Climate Change: How Are We Responding? - Katherine McCusker

This documentary, made by Katherine McCusker, is about the work being done in the City of Northampton to address the impacts of climate change.

Her original post, descriptions and sources can be found here.

Chapter One. The City's Climate Plan The City is revising the final draft of a climate action plan. The plan now rests in the hands of the Northampton Energy and Sustainability Commission, who are debating how detailed and how aggressive this plan should be.

Chapter Two. Getting Ready for Renewable Energy For Northampton to reach its goal of carbon neutrality we must shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy. This means switching to electricity for every function in order to utilize carbon-free energy sources such as solar, wind and hydro power.

Chapter Three. The Opportunity in Buildings Operating Buildings accounts for the largest percentage of our city's greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, improving the construction and operations of buildings represents a huge opportunity for Northampton as it searches for the best ways to reach the goal of carbon neutrality. Ideas from the City's draft climate plan and new ideas about how to reduce the emissions of buildings are discussed in this chapter.

Chapter Four. The Impact of COVID-19 on the Climate Action Plan Wayne Feiden, the Director of Planning and Sustainability for the City of Northampton speaks about the projects still moving forward despite the pandemic. He also provides an update on the work of the Energy & Sustainability Commission.

Chapter Five. Doing Something About It I speak to several members of our community who have made climate change a focus of their professional work in quite diverse ways

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