Art can include many forms- and should be submitted with a short description. Videos can either be submitted in an MP4 format or as a link to YouTube or Vimeo. Podcasts, or radio segments should be submitted in an MP3 format, or on an audio hosting site. There is no specific length limit to audio or video submissions.

*The above listed guidelines can be altered depending on the circumstance. They are listed to give one an idea about the general subjects and lengths that we would like to see. If your work does not fit the guidelines perfectly, then please make a note of this when sending it to us.

*Please note: We do not accept any climate denialist content. 


What kind of submissions are we looking for?

We are accepting works that relate to the topic of climate change, environmentalism, nature, sustainability, and more. Your work should reflect on the difficulties and trauma that come as a result of the climate emergency. Feel open to submit works touching on subjects such as coping, fear, urgency, and justice. See below for a more detailed outline of our requirements for submissions.

How to Submit *

All submissions should be made directly to our team of editors at

File Type

Essays, poetry, interviews, fiction, & reviews)

  • Word document (.doc) files

  • Portable document format (.pdf) files


  • JPEG

  • TIFF

  • PNG

  • PDF

  • MP4

  • MP3

*If none of these file types will accommodate your work, then please contact us about alternative options.

Essays (Nonfiction & Opinion)


Writers should aim for 800 words, although we will allow for a variance of about 100 words. Short-form essays can cover a wide range of topics.



If you have written, or plan to write, an essay that exceeds 800 words, then please explain the premise and any relevant details in your email when submitting.


Works of fiction do not have a maximum word limit, but please be sure to include an explanation of the premise, along with a significant excerpt. 


Poetry should be submitted in the same line format as it will be displayed in its final form. Therefore, poetry should be submitted only as PDF documents.


Reviews can cover various topics such as (but not limited to), books films, tv shows, action plans, etc. Reviews should also follow the essay guideline of 800 words. 


Interviews should be submitted in a format that clearly states the interviewer and interviewees names, along with a copy of any relevant materials: i.e., audio file of the original conversation.

Art & Multimedia